garyu sanso course

Garyu Sanso. An exquisite retreat along the Hiji river

Immerse yourself in Garyu Sanso, a hidden gem that will please nature and architecture lovers. Overhanging the Hiji river, moss covered gardens swaddle elegant tea pavilions creating an otherworldly realm.

A walking tour enabling visitors to explore remnants of the remarkable Industrial Revolution Ozu went through at the onset of Taisho period (early 20th century). Exploration of noble residential architecture or century old shops and their craftsmen at work prelude the exhilarating finale with the visit of Garyu House, the sumptuous retreat of Kouchi Torajiro -a local émigré who made fortunes from Kobe on the silk and tea trade-.

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Duration 2.5 hours
Price 7.000JPY (VAT excl. +10%)
Payment method Credit Card, Cash (Japanese Yen)
Capacity 2-6 PAX

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