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Discover Ozu. Walk or ride with us.

Our local team will be happy to guide you through the charms of Iyo’s ‘little Kyoto’.


Diego Cosa Fernandez

My roots lie by the Mediterranean Sea, although I spent part of my university years in North European locations. Ozu gained my attention after an unexpected turn while riding a bicycle along the Iyo Nada coastline. I would love to see our small community hosting long term visitors from around the world, enjoying our extraordinary history and nature, inhabiting our centenarian residences and mingling with welcoming locals. This would prove a subtle but effective way of invigorating our frail but vibrant little town.


Noriyoshi Mise

I was born and raised in Ozu. 2020 marked my 10th anniversary as a guide in this city. Although visits are mainly conducted in Japanese, I have been able to gain confidence in my English skills as a result of my daily duties overseeing a guesthouse. I am very fond of Japanese castles and  inquiring about the history of Ozu is a real pastime. Whenever I have some spare time, I dash to the (Hiji) river in order to paddle or ramble along its shores. I do also love travelling. Fond memories of my visits to Portugal, Taiwan, Spain, Germany or China, encourage me to host international visitors the way I was treated when abroad.


Tetsuo Kurai

Hello everyone! Fluent in English and Japanese I gladly welcome visitors every day in our cozy Tourist Information Centre at the Iyo Ozu Train Station. As an undergraduate, I spent several terms in the US and concluded my stay with a memorable trip around North America (US, Canada and Mexico). This experience left a profound impression in me. Duties in my previous job required frequent visits to East Asia and I spent half a year living in Thailand. Meeting different people and experiencing different cultures was very enriching. I would love to reciprocate my gratitude and initiate visitors into the charms of rural life. The pace of time in Ozu is slow, offering a marked contrast with bustling cities like Tokyo or Osaka.

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