ozu castle course

Ozu Castle. Silent guardian of the Hiji river

Get lost in a labyrinth of old houses wrapping up the castle hill and the river bed, culminating in the symbol of the city.

A stroll that will transport you to medieval Japan. Visits to centuries-old confectionaries or blacksmiths [providers of the Ozu daimyos and still operating nowadays] precede an immersion in the city’s ultimate defensive outpost: the castle keep and its flanking turrets. Enjoy a carefully restored compound, accomplished thanks to the involvement of local stakeholders and generous contributions of local citizens.

#Japanese architecture #Castle towns #Timber castle keeps #Edo period history


Duration 2.5 hours
Price 7.000JPY (VAT excl. +10%)
Payment method Credit Card, Cash (Japanese Yen)
Capacity 2-6 PAX

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