ozu nature and architecture course

Be captivated by Ozu’s refined nature

Enjoy both history and nature on this visit showcasing the Hiji river and bringing you to nearby mountains hiding architectural treasures.

Walking, cycling and, eventually, riding on boats. An active tour exploring the watercourse of the Hiji River (Ozu’s DNA) and its shores, where exhilarating mountains and forests hide National Monuments and deeply spiritual places.  Should you have a bit of extra time, experience Zen mediation (Nyoho Temple) or learn about homeopathic remedies associated with Shintoism beliefs (Sukunahikona Shrine).

#Forests and river #temples and shrines #boats and bicycles.


Duration 4 hours
Price 10.000JPY (VAT excl. +10%)
Payment method Credit Card, Cash (Japanese Yen)
Capacity 2-6 PAX

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