Privacy policy

KITA MANAGEMENT takes privacy seriously. We consider the handling of private information offered by our clients of utmost importance in building a good relationship. We will protect and treat personal information of our customers in accordance with the policies mentioned below.

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

The acquisition of personal information shall be based on the consent by the person who discloses the information. Thus, no information shall be acquired without the said person’s consent.
For the following cases, KITA MANAGEMENT may request information from our clients.

Inquiries about the products, request for informational materials
Email subscription, questionnaires, etc.
There may be cases in which private information is used by KITA MANAGEMENT for the purpose of supplying informational materials, sending a conformation email, sending new product notices.

Management of personal information

We take all possible measures to ensure appropriate management is in place concerning personal information to prevent leakage to third parties. In addition, we implement measures to prevent hacking, stealing, and falsification of information. However, we may entrust the handling of personally-identifiable information, within the range specifically limited to necessary operations, to companies whom we have evaluated as reliable and with whom we have entered into a nondisclosure agreement.

Private information disclosure

In principle, we do not disclose personal information to third parties without the customers’ approval. However, the following cases are exceptions.
・The we are requested by the relevant authorities of the disclosure of personal information.
・Disclosing to the necessary extend in order to meet the aforementioned requirements.
・We have gained authorization from the client.
・Disclosing personal information in a way that ensures that the client(s) cannot be identified.

Viewing, modifying, and deling personal information on KITA MANAGEMENT’s website

In the event that there is a wish communicated by a client to view, modify, or delete the personal information they had offered, KITA MANAGEMENT will agree to it only if KITA MANAGEMENT is able to confirm the client’s identity, to ensure no personal information is leaked.

For requests to modify or delete personal information on our site, please contact us at one of the following:

※When sending e-mail, return * to @ before sending.


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Scope of application and changes to privacy policy

The scope of application of the privacy policy shall be confined to the realm of this website. KITA MANAGEMENT shall not assume responsibility for any issues that arise outside the realm of this website. Regarding your responsibilities, please refer to the terms of our website concerning the handling of personal information. KITA MANAGEMENT reserves the right to change its privacy policy if and when deemed necessary.

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