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Ozu lies 55km (35 miles) south of Matsuyama, the major city in Ehime Prefecture. Planes (departing Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya), boats (departing Hiroshima or Yamaguchi) and trains (departing Okayama or Takamatsu)  link Matsuyama with the island of Honshu. From Matsuyama, Express trains connect with Ozu in barely 35 min. Alternatively, Ozu can be accessed from Kyushu, boarding ferries in Oita Prefecture and alighting in Yawatahama or Misaki harbours.

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Ozu is located in the southern part of Ehime Prefecture. The clear stream of the Hiji River flows gracefully through the city center where traditional cityscapes can still be admired. Ozu flourished as a castle-town and attained its cultural Golden Age during the Meiji Revolution (late 19th cent.). From Kawabego hamlet, deep in the mountains, to Nagahama harbour, facing the Seto Inland Sea, the city boasts a large diversity of landscapes. It is also renown for its Ozu no Ukai, one of Japan's three largest cormorant fishing events.

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